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Cooking is a way of sharing and conviviality. 

This is my universe of artistic expression,

it seems to me that it could be practiced ad infinitum. 

The starting point is often a vegetable or a herb then,

over the tests, I seek the accuracy

and the balance of flavors in each of my plates.

I like beautiful products, fine and delicate combinations.

It is in nature and its beauty that I find many of my inspirations. 

I like to renew my card regularly,

try new combinations of flavors or textures. 

Like his boss

Sabrina Peis, Ô tour de la table is a restaurant combining French gastronomy, fresh, mainly local and seasonal products with a subtle Italian touch.

By opening Ô tour of the table,

I created a place where I would have liked to go,

and more importantly, return.

The staff is like a small family.

Here, it's carte blanche to the product.

It is he who guides the evolution of the menu according to the seasons.

Our kitchen is constantly evolving,

very instinctive



Since its creation in July 2020, we have given a central place to respect for the environment.

For us, for you and for future generations, we make every effort to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.


We are attentive to the well-being of our customers:

- We cook meals without meat, seasonal and local products and we adapt to certain special diets;

- We favor products from responsible production, breeding or fishing such as "organic, red label, PDO, fishing labels such as MSC or ASC"

we are committed to Ethic Océan by signing the charter for the protection of the oceans;

- A gourmet bag is offered to you to avoid food waste;

- Our unsold items are donated to associations or on the TOO GOOD TO GO application;

Social responsibility :

- We source locally (Occitanie)

90% of our organic fruits and vegetables come from an SIAE (Red Cross insertion Paulhan and Montagnac);

  ◦ We allow them to continue their actions in favor of vulnerable groups;

  ◦ We support people looking for a job;

  ◦ We are involved in the economic life of our territory;

  ◦ We make sure to receive a quality service;

We save water and energy:

- We cook part of our dishes with vine stocks recovered from the Nebian wine estate;

- We are committed to the development of renewable energies for electricity and gas;

- We read our water and electricity meters every month to better manage our consumption;

- We have already fitted more than 75% of our lighting with LED or low-consumption bulbs;

- We use micro-filtered tap water "a liter of water has a carbon footprint 90% lower than a liter of bottled water";


We limit and sort waste:

- We work with a majority of products in bulk or in large packaging to limit unnecessary packaging;

- We sort all types of waste, vegetable oil is recycled into biogas, bio-waste is given to individuals (chickens, horses, pigs)

The entire Restaurant Ô Tour de la table team is proud to obtain the Clef Verte 2022 label for the first time.

We are thus one of the establishments committed in France to a sustainable tourism and catering approach!

This label recognizes our commitments to sustainable development, so the Jury elected us "coup de coeur" when we applied for 2021.

In particular through our choice to buy mostly local vegetables from the Red Cross Insertion, which allows us to support a local and solidarity economy.

Labeled green key and tourisme@handicaps

Committed to “Good for the climate” for low-carbon cooking

Committed with “Ethic Océan” for the preservation of marine resources

Thank you for supporting us in our approach during your visit!

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